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About Us

She Leads Carolinas

She Leads Carolinas was founded in 2023 by Elizabeth Enns and Wendy Hawley, as an extension of She Leads America, led by Liz Doyle.  This organization has been connecting, equipping and recognizing women of distinction all across the country since 2021. While the focus has been on gathering in Washington, DC, over the past 2 years,  state-wide chapters have started up in order for this important work to effectively reach the local levels.  


Liz Doyle is the founder of

She Leads America.  

Elizabeth Enns and 

Wendy Hawley are the co-founders of

She Leads Carolinas.  


Liz Doyle

Elizabeth Enns & Wendy Hawley

What we do

  • HONOR - She Leads America is built on honoring those who serve through peer-based nominations. We build mutual respect.  


  • OFFICIAL RECOGNITION -  Those nominated are then recognized by State and National Legislators for their accomplishments in their States. We build affirmation.  

  • BIBLICAL PRINCIPLES AND VALUES are central to our mission and message. Our focal point on God’s Word unites us. We build faith.  

  • COMMUNITY OUTREACH,  SUPPORT AND COLLABORATION  We work to contribute to others’ success and celebrate God’s faithfulness together. We rally around God’s vision as it is given to individual members. We look for ways to contribute to the Lord’s work through our members as they reach into their community with God’s principles and love. We watch the Lord work in deeper and broader ways, well beyond what we could have asked or imagined by ourselves. We build vision. 

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